Prohormones for Women, Information & Cycle Guide


What are the most effective and safest prohormone compounds that a female can use safely?

Halodrol- can assist females in gaining dense/hard muscle gains with improvements in strength, definition, and vascularity.

Epistane - can assist females in shedding body fat, improving strength, and helping define muscles.


What are the doses that females should stick to?

Halodrol - 10 to 30mg daily

Epistane - 10 to 20mg daily

(starting with the lower doses and working their way up as they progress from week to week)

How long can a female run a cycle for?

Due to the risk of virilizing side effects, females should not run prohormones for any longer than 4 to 5 weeks max.

What are the potential side effects a woman can experience while running a cycle of prohormones?

Virilizing effects such as deepened vocal cords, enlarged clitoris, development of male characteristics (i.e. hair growth on the face, more masculine jawline, etc) can potentially occur when females use compounds that are highly androgenic. In order to avoid these sorts of side effects, females should stay away from compounds that convert into testosterone or have high androgenic potency. Prohormones that are low in androgenic potency will be much safer for females to use.

Other side effects can include higher LDL cholesterol, acne, hair loss, depression, and possibly decreased sex drive.

Post Cycle Depression - can be combated by using 5-HTP, Saint John's Wart, or Valerian Root.

Acne - it is best for females to not use makeup during the course of running a prohormone cycle as this will clog their pores and increase the chance of acne breakouts.

Is on cycle support required for females?

Yes, on cycle support should be used by both males AND females alike in order to reduce the stress on the liver and also to help stabilize blood pressure levels. Certain cycle support supplements will also have ingredients to help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL).

Protex by Vital Labs

Organ Shield by Purus Labs

Hawthorn Berry by NOW Foods

Milk Thistle by PharmaTec

Is Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) required for women?

Although many will argue over this topic, females, much like males, will also need a PCT in order to help balance their hormones and  help rejuvenate their liver after completing a prohormone cycle. In certain cases when women use AAS (anabolic steroids) then they may not require the use of a PCT as long as their cycle did not consist of ORAL compounds. Whether you are male or female, anytime you run a prohormone cycle or cycle of oral anabolic steroids then you will definitely require an over the counter PCT to help you rejuvenate your liver, stabilize blood pressure, and also reduce LDL cholesterol.

Over the counter post cycle therapy supplements such as these would work very well for both females and males who have ran short and/or mild prohormone cycles:

Forged Post Cycle by Transform Supplements


Post Cycle 3x by Vtial Labs


What should females avoid when running a prohormone cycle?

Females using prohormones should avoid:


-thermogenic fat burners

-nitric oxide boosters


-testosterone boosters

-birth control

-other prescription medications that can add stress to the liver or increase blood pressure

Do women need estrogen blockers or aromatase inhibitors when running a cycle or pct?

We do not suggest females using strong AI’s as this will be equivalent to forcing a female into experiencing menopausal symptoms. The female HPGA is very different from the males HPTA thus requiring a different approach during the post cycle therapy phase

Pre-Menstrual Cycles and how they are affected when using prohormones:

Women can possibly miss or skip their period (pms) during a prohormone cycle, if this happens, there is nothing major to worry about as the menstrual cycle will normalize upon completion of the cycle once their hormones come back to homeostasis.


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