Test Base Information

Base Supplement Information

What is a test base?

A test base provides the user with a base testosterone which will prevent the user’s test levels from completely bottoming out as well as reducing the severity or frequency of other potential side effects. By using a test base during your cycle, you will not only improve the results from the other prohormones you are stacking on top of the test base compound but it will actually even help reduce lethargic side effects while helping you boost your libido/sex drive.

How long can I stay on a test base?

Most test base supplements can be taken for as long as 6 to 8 weeks before having to cycle off.

What is the best dosage:

1-Andro : 300 to 500 mg per day

4-Andro : 300 to 500 mg per day

Dermacrine: 5 pumps per day for individuals who are 200+ lbs. 3 pumps a day for individuals who are under 200 lbs.


Potential side effects:

The main side effects associated with test base supplements is a conversion to estrogen, as testosterone converts to estrogen. Your body will naturally convert some of your testosterone to estrogen when it senses that your testosterone levels are high as it wants to keep a certain balance. 

Do I need Cycle Support? 

Yes, although most test base compounds are non-methylated, it is still a good idea to use a cycle support in order to help the user stabilize blood pressure.

Do I need a PCT? 

Yes, test base supplements are still prohormones and do have an effect on your body’s natural hormonal balance. A PCT is required in order to help the user make a solid recovery when coming off of the prohormone cycle.

Do any of the test base compounds convert into estrogen? 

Yes, 4-andro have a very low estrogen conversion. Although it is a very low conversion rate, it would still be smart to use a solid AI (aromatase inhibitor) during your cycle in order to reduce water retention and reduce potential gyno risks.

Results you can expect when using a test base during your cycle :

1-Andro : can help the user lean out while building dry muscle (no estrogen conversion, no water retention), help improve strength, help enhance recovery,

4-Andro : can help the user gain wet mass (wet muscle = more water retention), help improve libido, help improve strength, reduce lethargic side effects from stacked prohormones, increase IGF and GH levels,


Will any of these test base compounds show up on a drug test? - Prohormones will only show up when specifically being tested for steroids/performance enhancers. They will not show up on your average 10 panel narcotics drug screen however.

Supplements that can be used as a test base:

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  1. 4-Andro Max by Primeval Labs
    87% of 100
  2. Andro the Giant by Hard Rock Supplements
    95% of 100
  3. Super Mandro by Hard Rock Supplements
    94% of 100
  4. Androvar™ by Hard Rock Supplements
    96% of 100
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